Autostart of the flatpak desktop client does not work

I am using the desktop client as a flatpak on kde and enabled autostart long ago, but it never started. All the gui options said it was enabled, so I started digging a little bit deeper today. I found in the arch forum, that the autostart functionality defined by XDG places .desktop files into ~/.config/autostart/. So I looked there and found a file com.nextcloud.desktopclient.nextcloud.desktop. This looked all well and good, but the Exec line said Exec="/app/bin/nextcloud" --background which did not work because the client is installed as a flatpak and not in /app/bin/nextcloud. So I changed that line to Exec=flatpak run com.nextcloud.desktopclient.nextcloud and everything worked fine.

I am not sure why this was wrong and where to report it, but I guess if I post it here, it will reach the right person.

Not really an answer to your question, but why not just use the package from the Arch community repos? It gets regularly updated and you even get the status icons, if you are using one of the supported file managers…

Not answering my question is fine since I made the autostart working and this post was more meant as “Hey, I think this is a problem with the flatpak, but don’t know where to report it”.
However, having status icons is indeed very nice, so I think I will switch to the arch package. So thanks for the suggestion :+1:

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