how can one set up an autoresponder/vacation absence message in the default mail client of NC 22.2.0?

For roundcube one must have a sieve plugin etc.

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I don’t think it is possible, unfortunately. I have been looking for the exact same functionality, but found none.

Please let me know if you found any good and pragmatic solution for this.


I can’t imagine NC developers integrating a native email client nowadays that is not capable of managing SIEVE-based filters/scripts, such as out-of-office messages.

An alternative email client that is often recommended for NC seems to be RAINLOOP, which probably also supports SIEVE and out-of-office messages:

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We’ve had a Sieve editor since v1.9 FYI

Automatic out-of-office replies · Issue #5441 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub is for the automatic out of office replies. Basically that is just a fancy UI on top of the existing Sieve editor. You’re not limited by this. Add your out of office module into the script and you can use this today.