Automatically Tagged Folders on External Samba Share Not visible via Web Client or WebDAV

Okay here is an odd one. We have Nextcloud deployed via AIO on a Debian 12 system. On another server we have Samba running on top of Debian 12. We setup the external storage app, the automatic tagging app and the file access control app. The flow we use is simple. If folder/file is named “1Private” it is tagged with “Confidential (Restricted)” tag. Then for file access, the rule is block access to tag “Confidential (Restricted)” if user is not member of “privileged” user group.

When visiting any of our folders on the Samba share, all the subfolders and files are visible except any folder called “1 Private”. Even in test folders on the share with just a “1Private” folder in there, the Nextcloud Web UI and WebDAV connection show the folder as blank. I can access the shares directory via my local file manager’s SMB connection and see the 1 Private folders and the gigs of data they contain. Also Nextcloud Desktop Client sync does not pull down the 1 Private folders either.

The Nextcloud logs are empty, and the samba server shows no odd activity. Any help would be appreciated.

System Information

  • Nextcloud Version: Nextcloud Hub 5 (27.0.1)
  • Deployed Via AIO, fresh install.
  • Servers on the same LAN
  • Samba files are accessible and editable via Nextcloud (unless tagged)
  • All apps updated to current

Edit: might be related to: External Storage - Automated tagging breaks occ:scan - PostreSQL · Issue #716 · nextcloud/files_automatedtagging · GitHub