Automatically logging in to Nextcloud when logging into Wordpress

Hi all,

I would like to automatically sign into Nextcloud when logging into Wordpress. I am currently using the User and Group SQL Backends app to get the users from the Wordpress database. Nextcloud is installed in a sub directory,
Both Nextcloud and Wordpress are using the same database with different prefixes. Would anybody know how to do this?

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You want to make SSo ( for sigle sign on ).

To do this you can use CAS ( for Central Authentification Service )


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I downloaded the SSO & SAML authentication app but didn’t get it to work, do i need to install a plugin for wordpress? What do i need to configure?


It’s a little more complicated than just install nextcloud apps ;).

You have to install an Sso serveur and certainly an LDAP serveur to make it work.

You should have a look on CAS documentation here :

You have a présentation of architecture needed for CAS here :

For now you have just install the client part, you have to install the server part ;).


Thanks for the reply :smiley: ,

just to make thing clear, CAS is the Sso server and i need LDAP to authenticate? Do you know what apps and plugins I’d need for Wordpress and Nextcloud?

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If you look at CAS Architecture link,, you have your answer ;).

LDAP is not the only solution you can use for authentication part, as CAS is not the only solution for SSO.

Plugin for Nextcloud is user_cas, for wordpress I don’t know but they must have one.


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Will try setting it up.


@Benjamin-Forg Did you get it to work? If so would you mind sharing how?

Hi Vole,

Sorry didn’t manage to get it to work yet :frowning: