Automatic tagging filename pattern

I have Nextcloud on my home server. I very like the filelink option where my question comes from:
Is there a way of automatic tag the file base on the file name and/or folder where it’s uploaded? I would like to set the rule like: if file is uploaded to /filelink folder tag it with “filelink” tag and then set retention for this tag to be automatically removed after set time let’s say 7 days.Cheers.

Okay, can we add this to the wish list? please.

You can do that, just add a tag “retention-parent” on the filelink/ folder.
Then in the autotagger use File tagged with "retention-parent".
It will also check the tags of the parent folder, and there for then apply your “filelink” tag.

@nickvergessen that worked like a charm, cheers.

This works for tagging files into a specific folder, but that’s only the half of the question.
I’d like to tag all files named blabla.ext wherever they are stored into in my cloud server.
(That’s because a not harmful but very annoying autocad virus wandering around our servers, and a small retention period combined with a automatic tag by filename can slowly do the cleanup work perfectly).
Is there any way to add “Filename matches regexp: …” to the rules list?

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Are there any plans to add such a “filename regexp auto tagging” feature?

The feature “tagging by filename” would be so nice to have.
Is there any progress or intention to implement this feature in the future.

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bump - v17 seems there is regex support in the release under tag management. I was over complicating the matching - just /rule/ will match a filename with the word ‘rule’ in it… nice

now to get the folder tag setting working