Automatic Tagging based on Date


is there a way to Tag files on upload by a date rule?

For better understanding: We are in decision of a cloud system for our choir. Of course there are songs we are singing over multiple years. For that reason we decided to use tags instead of the “common” duplicate and folder tactic :wink:
On many choir trials there are multiple recordings from diffrent people. We want to share these througt the cloud. For these uploads I am looking for the possibility to tag the recording by year. It is okay for me to set up these Tags manually and of course i could modify the rule every year or add a new one.

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iWhat about using this app:

Thank you. But I am using it already. It doesnt have a rule for the date condition I think.

Ok, I didn’t know that, but I think this would be the right app for that requirement. Why are you not opening a feature request in the related repository which covers your requirement?