Automatic setting of landing page possible/wanted?

dear forumists,

as nextcloud is growing - apparently worldwide - the more international visitors and forum-contributors would come from more countries. some of them don’t want to use google or any other translating app to translate their problems… so we put those foreign language postings into the international category (we already had a discussion about it). there even are already some subcategories to it, already… (german, russian, french)

so the new aspect of my question is: is it possible to set a kind of individualized landingpage for every user depending on his ip-address?
meaning: a german user would be automatically directed to international - deutsch. a user with a russian ip would start at international - russian etc.

and ya it would cause the individual user some more thinking of where exactly to put his thread in the end.
all others (those who don’t like to think too much before posting) would end up somewhere under international.

and regardless of IF it was technically possible maybe it’s an unwanted ‘feature’, though

maybe an “individualized landing page” could as well mean explaining the stucture of the forum in language of the country again…?

As far as I know, the language specific sections are considered more as a fallback for users that don’t speak English at all. If possible, it is better to share your problems with the largest possible group of people. It’s more likely that you get help and it is also more likely that a successful answer will help someone else.

sure thing and i’d agree.

but as a matter of fact it seems that not everyone wants to testrun any translatingg-service for their requests… and so they post in their native language… and accepting the disadvantage of sharing their problem with a smaller targetgroup. which is ok with me, i’m not judging anyone about it.

it’s their decision… and not for me to change it.