Automatic foto upload hangs with "waiting for upload" after server update


Since my Nextcloud server was updated to 19.0.1 the automatic upload of fotos hangs. All fotos which would be due to be uploaded have the status “waiting for upload”.

When I delete my NC account in the app and create it again (so, I authenticate again), foto upload starts working UNTIL the iPhone locks the screen. After that I am in the very same situation than before.

My Nextcloud is hosted at Owncube
My iPhone is now on iOS 14.0.1 - but the problem was also there before the iOS 14 upgrade.

Any ideas how I could debug this?


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i have same problem.
iPhone X

I also have the same problem. Does anyone know the fix? I was a bit behind on Server Updates and I updated all the way up 19, with no luck. I don’t want to lose the pictures I have sitting in queue for upload.

I was able to make some progress here. If you go to the Transfers tab, I was able to hold down on the files one at a time for an option to popup “Force Start” From here I was able to Force Start enough for the transfers to start going automatically. Don’t know why I had to do this. But so far things seem to be working.

same here!

recently upgraded NC to 19.xx latest stable (from, and php7.4**

i tried cache/wipe/reset, but very quickly this problem presents itself again; (I have 800+ photos/videos to upload, don’t want to manually force all individually)

on iOS 14.2, nextcloud app version: 3.0.13

edit tried w/ and w/out “operate in background”

EDIT: – looks like a problem with reconstruction of “larger” files on the backend , or perhaps local iOS cache; I unchecked “upload videos” from AutoUpload, and the >600 photos are all uploading now uber fast and without getting stuck “waiting”
, my videos aren’t more than 200MB typically most are ~50MB … hmm

(my max file size is 5G btw … so )

EDIT: there are a lot of issues reported, i.e. one is:

Same here. But it started before I updated to NC version 19.x. I believe it’s more IOS 14 related.

Same issue here. iOS 14.2, and my NC version is so old, you can call is a “relic” (14.0.4 running on a ReadyNAS device). So this is another piece of (circumstantial!) evidence that the issue is with iOS 14.
Question: do you think we could benefit from separating the auto-uploader to its own app? I’m asking, because it seems there’s quite a lot of complexity with an auto-uploader - it needs to run in the BG, build (sometimes large) indices, keep comparing local-to-remote, etc.

Same issue.

iOS 14.3
Docker 3.0.4
NC 20.0.4

I have a standard config running on SQLite and thinking this might be Database related?

Same here. Nextcloud keep downloading locally some ghost files. How to stop it?

No ideas? 3 months…

nextcloud brand new Install ( docker version ) …

Version 21.0.1
App Photo freeze after a few pictures are shown… ( 48 pics shown, 23548 in the server )
Is there an alternate to this … or a fix

I had the same issue on Nextcloud v21.0.2 and iOS app version
I wanted to upload all existing photos from iPhone to Nextcloud (aka “Upload the whole camera roll”).

First, the max upload size had to be increased on NC docker container (default is 128MBytes). I use “nextcloud:21-apache” image. There, two extra env variables control the max upload size:
docker run -e PHP_UPLOAD_LIMIT=3000M -e PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT=3000M …

Next, the iOS app. Uploading images and videos at the same time hangs after a few tens of uploaded files, leaving a few hundreds in the “Transfers” queue. Therefore, I’ve cleared the app cache (via advanced settings) and only uploaded the photos. It went through!

Then, I switched the “Auto upload” settings the other way round: disabled “Auto upload photos” and enabled “Auto upload videos”, and re-enabled the “Upload the whole camera roll” setting again.
The trick with uploading videos was:

  • Whenever the queue gets frozen,
  • close the Nextcloud app (double-click home button and swipe away the app);
  • if you ever configured location privacy settings, backup them: go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location services and note the settings or make a screenshot by holding power button and pressing home button;
  • go to iPhone Settings > General > Reset > reset location & privacy;
  • open the Nextcloud app again and accept privacy setting of access to all photos;
  • go to More > Transfers and enjoy watching how the videos are being uploaded.
  • Whenever upload process gets stuck, repeat the privacy reset trick.

It seems, new iOS versions got much stricter privacy settings, which somehow prohibit the Nextcloud app an extensive high-volume access to the camera roll.

Im also having the same issue with the latest Nextcloud Server 22.2.0 on ubuntu, using Iphone 12 mini with app!

I get this error even when I try to upload ONE single file!! What is this??? What’s the use of nextcloud if I cant upload any files… :rage: