Automatic client update on Windows

I have installed nextcloud at my company one year ago.
The main feature is syncronize data on different devices: Home PC, Work PC, Smartphone.

All the company user are configured as standard user.
Nobody can install a programm.
Even not the update of the nextcloud windows client.

Therefore I have to do the updates.

This is for me annoying.
The clients are never up to date.

Is it not the wish, that the nextcloud client have the newest software version ?
This is actually not practicable for me/us.

Is an automatic windows client update already intened ?
If not why ?

I knew the argumentation, all users should do the update carefully and initiated.
After careful consideration, i favor maybe not stable software over out dated software.

Nobody will be forced to use the automatic update mechanism.
This should be a selectable feature only.

It will be a great pleasure for me, if automatic client update is available.

You are lucky :wink:

Since Nextcloud Desktop client 3.4.x is available, a lot of problems appeared. So you should remain at version 3.3.3

Starting with Desktop client version 3 there also is a MSI-package available, so you should be able to roll the updates out via your domain controller.

The installation by end user needs admin permission. So the default user will not be able to install it.

The problem is not specific to Nextcloud. You must update all the programs and the OS itself - majority of this programs require admin rights for updates. There are lot of ways to update the software in the company - with advantages and drawbacks… you should definitely automate software updates - otherwise you are at risk using vulnerable software versions.

Yes - I agree completely

There a more sofware, that have to update manually with adminstrator right.
In some case you are forced to answer all installation questions instead of
update with current options.

So nextcloud is in a big group of software with the same missing.

It sounds like " That’s the way we’ve always done it."

Do you agree with, all software should habe the newest version.
Here is a chance to help.

This is called been an administrator … You manage your server and your user …

This may be a strong argument for a lazy administrator with the meaning more working hours more money.
But I do my job seriously.

Everthing that can done automated, should be done without my interaction.
Everthing that is not automated is outdated.

My skills are too hight for clicking update buttons.