Automatic client configuration


we automatically distribute the Nextcloud client across the network.

Now the question arises whether it is possible to give this automated distribution additional settings (server address etc.) via a script or similar?

I am happy about your support.

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Thomas Müller

hey @qantco

welcome to the forum and thanks for your very first participation here.

first of all i’d like to ask you if you would kindly change the threadtitle to some english phrase?

apart from that i think this is not an nc-related question but more like one regarding companywide deployment of some piece of code.
though this forum was intended to be more for like private users you could finde hints, tipps and solutions for your problem on the forum, maybe. just try to find them.

other than that real support is provided by the guys at Nextcloud GmbH - just get yourself a quote.

cheerio and good luck

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Branding option is available for business subscription:

(that doesn’t mean that the community can’t implement it’s own solution)