Automatic Backup on Nextcloud


How can I configure a configuration or the option with the content as well to be backup automatically in nextcloud version 17.

I have to run the backup manually if I want 1.

I also saw that you can configure a backup on the installation via cPanel but that’s not what I want.


My script method that I started using more than a decade ago on a FreeBSD/Samba server is from
His page (dated 2004!) will give you some good information and scripts.

Basically running a cron job of a rsnyc script.
You can search internet for rsync and cron from other authors.

Running a daily cron job, I have a 9 day rotating, hard linked incremental backup on a different hard drive/partition. I also manually archived past years (going back to 2006) for off site storage.

Hope that helps get you started.

@jtvdw not sure if it helps:


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Love rsync! :stuck_out_tongue: :heart_eyes:

you can use too rsnapshot (rsync+snapshot), duplicity (rsync + snapshot too) or restic (secure snapshot)
3 tools easy to use into script or console! :wink:

I’ll have to take a look at your suggestions.

I’ve used my script successfully for so long that I tend to be a bit of a curmudgeon about changing.


Thanks guys, I really do appreciate all the details.

Will test and revert back.

Much appreciated!