Automatic accounts for the email app

When I create a Nextcloud account for someone, I’d like to automatically create an email account for that user, and automatically have Nextcloud’s mail app pull from that account. I couldn’t find any way of doing this that already exists in the wild, so it looks like I’ll have to tweak things myself to do so.

So, first: where does the server actually create accounts? It looks like it’s in lib/private/User/Database.php.

Second: Where does the mail app store accounts? I assume it’s the prefix_mail_accounts table.

This is a feature @ChristophWurst is currently working on :grin:

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Did you ever figure out how to do this Ulle? I would love to see this as a nextcloud app.

You will probably need to integrate a mailadmin-tool (like postfixadmin, ViMbAdmin, vexim, …), or at least parts of it. Or you manage everything via LDAP (mail accounts and Nextcloud accounts).

Hmm okay, I’ll go that route then. If I figure it out i’ll post what I did. Thanks