Automated user accounts

I generate new users via the API.
However, the associated directories are only created after the first login.
Since the entire process is to be automated, I am now looking for a way to carry out this login without the access of a user (i.e. also without a web browser) and, at best, to trigger the sending of the “forgotten password” e-mail afterwards.

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If you have the password - are or willing to set a temporary one - I suppose you could do a curl call from your automation to do a quick login on the account via webdav. A simple PROPFIND on their user’s root folder would probably be sufficient.



Now I just need a trick to trigger the email with the password link …

I the welcome email can be re-triggered from the provisioning API. Maybe set the password to blank then call the welcome email… I think that’ll force the user to need to pick one.