Automated tagging adding tags to parent folder

Since upgrading NextCloud from 16.0.3 to 16.0.8 (and then to 17.0.3), I have a problem with automated tagging (which I use together with Retention): I have two tags set up - “1 week (folder)” and “1 week”, with a rule to assign the “1 week” tag to any file that has “1 week (folder)” tag. This worked fine for a long time, but since the 16.0.8 update, as soon as a file is uploaded to a folder tagged with “1 week (folder)”, the folder itself also gains the “1 week” tag, which causes it to be deleted by the Retention app.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

having the exact same issue. Even after deleting the delete tag, it will come back if I add content to a subfolder