Automate external storage creation

Is there a method to manipulate the “external storage” definitions (creation, deletion) without the use of NextCloud control panel ?

I’d like to automate that task due the big amount of external storage (all are network folders shared with external collaborators) to be created/deleted weekly. :neutral_face:


Then looks like this official docu can helps you to automate it

 files_external:config      Manage backend configuration for a mount
 files_external:create      Create a new mount configuration
 files_external:delete      Delete an external mount
 files_external:export      Export mount configurations
 files_external:import      Import mount configurations
 files_external:list        List configured mounts
 files_external:option      Manage mount options for a mount
 files_external:verify      Verify mount configuration
 files_external:notify      Listen for active update notifications for a configured external mount
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