Autoconfig of nexcloud calendar in thunderbird (kerberos environment)

We have a working setup of nextcloud 27 in a fully linux based environment. Adding calendars to thunderbird works fine, but we would like to autoconfigure this and possibly use kerberos authentication.

A little more insight:
I work at a student union and we have about 80 theoretical users. But the cloud is mostly used by staff (around 10 people) and about 30 students. The staff usually uses our local debian beased workstations which are integrated via kerberos. Therefor they only have to authenticate once and firefox and thunderbird automatically use the kerberos ticket for future authentication.

So far this does not seem to work with webdav and caldav and I did not find a solution to this. Also we were able to autoconfigure our clients to automatically integrate the users mailaccount. So far the calendars have to be added manually. TBSync looks like an option but I could not find any autoconfig possibility for this either.

Any hints if/how we could make our deployment more user friendly without them having to add calendars manually and/or typing in the password?