Autoaccepting Meeting Room


I want to use Nextcloud as a groupware in combination with postfix, dovecot and Thunderbird.
I’m looking for a way to implement a Meeting Room user.
I know there is GitHub - nextcloud/calendar_resource_management: Resources back-end for the Nextcloud CalDAV server
But this is not usable with Thunderbird and you can’t subscribe to resource calender.

The feature I need:

  1. Invite a “meetingroom-user” via mail ( in a meeting.
  2. Invitation is autoaccepted (even if overlapping).
  3. Read meetingroom-users calender and profit.

Basically all that is missing is a autoaccept feature for users.
Is this not possible?

What would be the easiest solution?
Is there any way to use the resources management with Thunderbird? e.g. invite the resource?
Would a script on the server that autoaccepts all invitations be a possibility or are there any problems/drawbacks?
Is there no way to create something like this at the moment in Nextcloud?
This seems to be a very basic feature for groupware so i’m supprised.

Greetings and thanks