Auto Upload Videos

The very valuable feature of Auto Upload doesn’t upload videos and only uploads photos in the selected folders.
Is there a way to set the NextCloud android app to upload everything within the selected folders?

It works for me for videos as well as for all WhatsApp files (Links, Photos, Voice Mails, Audio/Video Files etc)
Sometimes it needs a little bit and sometimes it waits until you switch to a lan connection, even though it is sett, to not rely on a LAN connection.

You can switch to the “Upload” tab of the settings in your android app where you can restart the upload of all files marked to be uploaded that have not yet been uploaded or failed.

Much luck,

Hi @ernolf
The other files (videos) are not pending upload. They’re simply not in the list.
I also copied a text file and a jpg into a synced folder and only the jpg was immediately uploaded, but the text file was ignored, so it’s clearly not a folder sync, but rather a photo sync.
BTW, I’m using version 3.26.0 (paid Play Store version) of the app.