Auto upgrade from to failed - Update in process


Firstly, thanks to all who contribute to this project. It is a great application that keeps my data for me and those I choose to share it with!!

Just done an Auto Upgrade from to and it failed at Deleting Old Files and displays Update in process on the Index page. Now I am in the area where I am ‘dangerous’ - I know just about enough to get myself into BIG trouble!!

I have managed to glean this seemingly relevant bit from the update log

2023-07-08T14:41:06+0100 MS8woOTTQM [info] POST request for step "9"
2023-07-08T14:41:06+0100 MS8woOTTQM [info] startStep("9")
2023-07-08T14:41:06+0100 MS8woOTTQM [info] deleteOldFiles()
2023-07-08T14:41:06+0100 MS8woOTTQM [error] POST request failed with other exception
2023-07-08T14:41:06+0100 MS8woOTTQM [error] Exception: Exception
Message: core/shipped.json is not available
#0 /var/www/clients/client1/web2/web/updater/index.php(1388): Updater->deleteOldFiles()
#1 {main}

2023-07-08T14:41:06+0100 MS8woOTTQM [info] rollbackChanges("9")
2023-07-08T14:41:06+0100 MS8woOTTQM [info] unlink .step
2023-07-08T14:41:06+0100 MS8woOTTQM [info] rollbackChanges - step >= 7
2023-07-08T14:41:06+0100 MS8woOTTQM [info] end of  rollbackChanges()
2023-07-08T14:41:28+0100 6IhwifPoMe [info] request to updater
2023-07-08T14:41:28+0100 6IhwifPoMe [info] currentStep()
2023-07-08T14:41:28+0100 6IhwifPoMe [info] POST request for step "9"
2023-07-08T14:41:28+0100 6IhwifPoMe [info] startStep("9")
2023-07-08T14:41:28+0100 6IhwifPoMe [info] deleteOldFiles()
2023-07-08T14:41:28+0100 6IhwifPoMe [error] POST request failed with other exception
2023-07-08T14:41:28+0100 6IhwifPoMe [error] Exception: Exception
Message: core/shipped.json is not available
#0 /var/www/clients/client1/web2/web/updater/index.php(1388): Updater->deleteOldFiles()
#1 {main}

2023-07-08T14:41:28+0100 6IhwifPoMe [info] rollbackChanges("9")
2023-07-08T14:41:28+0100 6IhwifPoMe [info] unlink .step
2023-07-08T14:41:28+0100 6IhwifPoMe [info] rollbackChanges - step >= 7
2023-07-08T14:41:28+0100 6IhwifPoMe [info] end of  rollbackChanges()

My question is ‘How best to recover this?’


Ubuntu 20.04
ISPConfig3 3.2.10

What happened to that file?

You could replace it.

Thank you for the prompt reply, much appreciated!

I have no idea what happened to that file, I Auto upgraded from to and then went to update to and this error showed itself. I haven’t accessed any of the Nextcloud directories/files between updates.

I can see in my update folder, there is a shipped.json file, but there was not one in the backup of

I have downloaded version 26.0.1 of Nextcloud from Github source files and now have a copy of shipped,json and added to the backup files.

But how do I get the Update in process to clear so that I can continue/start again?

Will I need to revert to a manual update?
Will that pick up the Update in process message and stall?

Sorry for all of the questions, but I am out of my depth here. Any help is much appreciated.


I guess that it wil not help much in the backup directory, it should be in the server tree, so you should copy it there on its place. (As your webserver user!)

Simply run on the console with this command:

sudo -u www-data php -f /path/to/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar

and if it complains about steps, simply delete your .step.* files in data/update-<instanceid> and try again.


Hi @ernolf,

I am having trouble finding the Nextcloud Installation in my ISPConfig3 setup. I am currently exploring and can only find the /core directory in my backups. Continuing to search Forum and learning about the Nextcloud install etc.

I have a feeling I might just do a Restore to However, I would like to just delay taking that action for a short while, just so I can learn a bit more!!

Thanking you for your help. I will report back here any findings.

Best wishes,

When I couldn’t find the /core directory, I decided that it might be better for a clean install and so that is what I did.

The new install shows many more directories and more files in the web folder and so I think my choice was probably correct (for me).

Thank you for your help!