Auto Updated Failed 20.0.6 --> 20.0.10

Good Morning All,

I have been using nextcloud for about one year everything has been going fine, until lately a new update came out and I can’t seem to auto update my nextcloud sever like I have before. using the automatic updater provided in nextcloud.

Nextcloud version _(eg, 20.0.6)
Operating system and version TrueNAS-12.0-STABLE

I have the right Write Permissions but still seem to fail the update.

I also tired to update manually and my nextcloud sever believes I’m at the latest version? which it is strange because it isn’t.

Does anyone know where the backup fail is storage I can’t seem to find it. And also does this have to do with a timeout I seem to read a lot about the automatic updater timing out but not to sure if that is the issue or not.

Also where is the log for the automatic updater located at /var/log/…?

Looking forward to reading your response thanks again for all the help in the future


Check your disk space and try searching the forum for these backup errors. No doubt info will turn up. Cheers!

I found:

It is strange to have no output of the updater. For FreeBSD systems, I used to use:
su -m www -c "php updater/updater.phar"

Also make sure to install the corresponding php extensions to run the .phar files, it’s not installed by default (pkg install php73-phar, if the packages are used, adjust the version, if 7.4 or 8.0)