Auto resize uploaded images like google photos

Im looking all the nice apps available to install in Nextcloud inside the Apps section and i can’t see any to automatically resize uploaded images.
Ideally i would set a folder were pictures automatically uploaded from my phone, are automatically resized/compressed. Or i can use a manual tool within the web interface to work the pictures on a specific folder?

Any options available so far?
Last post about this i found is from 2017.

Thank you

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With the imminent demise of free Google Photo storage, I’m looking for something like this too. It would be a really useful feature to be able to resize the photos to save space in the Nextcloud accounts

I saw there is a new app being developed for nextcloud photos.
Nextcloud Yaga

Haven’t tested it yet and the project seems to be on early stages. Their features and coming soon lists don’t mention anything on image resizing. Feature request… ?