Auto Email Configuration


I have zimbra as a email server running on separate VPS, I want to configure zimbra settings in mail app, so that user can have their email upon login, he dont require to setup emails manually. I need system wide settings of email server in nextcloud for mail app.

Please advise


I neither use Zimbra nor do I use the Nextcloud Mail app, so I can’t give you detailed instructions. However there is a section regarding Mail Account Provisioning under “Settings - Administration → Groupware”, but as far as I know this only works if users authenticate to their Nextcloud acccounts and their IMAP accounts with the same credentials.

Thanks bb7,

Can you please provide some link so i can further check on this. I am trying with group and will update here if any success.


Its done from groupware, Zimbra email accounts and NC user accounts credentials not necessarily be same .

These are settings in groupware of mail section that worked for me:

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