Auto download file sharing?

Hi, I recently came to nextcloud to share data. I want to know if the files I share can be automatically downloaded?

Normally you have got a public share e.g.


Then you can add /download at the end of the link:


A user can use e.g. a script and download:

wget https://cloud.server.tld/s/NMCj7KxLskxaFps/download

If you share a folder you get with the above url a zip file with all files in the folder and subfolders.

I think a robot does not download files and or zipped folders because mostly the shared links not posted in the internet but only send with email to single users. Also you can not guess the shares. Also you can use additional passwords and send on a different way e.g. SMS or WhatsApp.

thank!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: