Auto-delete of files not working, delete of recycle bin not working

Hi guys

I have a problem with my new nextcloud installation.
I have the following setting:

Nextcloud: 20.0.2
PHP: 7.4.3
MySQL: 8.0.22
based on Ubuntu 20.04

in installed the following apps:

  • Retention
  • Collaborative tags

I created a new invisible collaborative tag “date_all”
Then I created a new automated tagging: When file is changed, and file size (upload) is greater or equals 0MB --> automated tagging with “date_all (invisible)”
And then I configured, that files with this tag should be deleted after 5 days (retention):
Tag “Date_all” 5 days

That’s my first problem. the files don’t get deleted! And I cannot understand why! I already deleted all these things above and created new, but with no luck :frowning:

I uploaded at 11.01.2021 a .txt File. It’s 8 days ago and still not deleted. and the tag is there as you can see:

The second problem I have, I wan’t that all the deleted files (in recycle bin) are not deleted after 30 days like default, I want to delete them already after 6 day.
For this I edited the config.php settings:

I know I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what.

(Another problem is, I’m not at home on linux. I’m Windows-Admin… )

Please don’t stone me :smiley:

Thank you


no one an idea or something what can help me?
I still have this problem. and sometimes when I open the “Flow” settings I don’t see the setting under “file retention”. I have to refresh the page and then I can see the setting again…
At this moment when I don’t see the setting, when I try to recreate it I cannot choose the tag, because it’s not there… ?!


Hi @metcloud,
Are you using a background job other than ajax?
Have you some log about that on your log page?
Maybe setting 'trashbin_retention_obligation' => '5, 6', can work.

Hi @Mageunic
Thank you for your answer. after another hours google-ing for a solution, I changed my setting for cron job from ajax to cron, because there was a problem and it was not running 22 days (yes, unfortunately I just saw it today and not before)… :frowning:
now it looks like the job would run, but i have to wait some days to see if my file from today will be deleted now… I will post the news!

I also will check if the trashbin_retention is now working, I think it’s also because of the cron job, could that be?

anyway, where should I find some logs? In the gui under logging there was nothing helpful for me.


@metcloud, I think if cron job doesn’t work, trashbin_retention doesn’t work as well.
Yes logs inside GUI under logging. it’s normal if you didn’t have anything on it since it didn’t work because of cron.

Sorry, I forgot the news, but it’s working now with the cron job :slight_smile: Thanks!

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