Auditing of shared files


I would like to know if there is a way to audit all user shared files in Nextcloud?

by that I mean to have something like an overview of users who shared the links to files and what files.

The log is helpful but not really as I need to see the current status of shared files.

The reason for that is even though I want to allow users to share files, some of them may have sensitive data. I don’t want to forbid link sharing but I don’t want users to “overshare”.

I know it sounds like too much control but I think this is important to have an overview of externally shared files.

Thank you

Did you have a look at the workflow-option and the File access control? This allows you perhaps to realize part of your things.

Against oversharing, you can only disallow resharing but that is perhaps too harsh?

Yes, I checked workflow and file access control app, but that’s not something I’m looking for.

As an administrator I want to be able to see what users are sharing and if they shared some root sensitive folder I want to be able to at least see that they shared it. (some user/group filtering could be awesome too).

But as of now, if someone shares something I can only see that in the logs, and there is no “visual” part to it. As I know for example what files and folders can be shared an what can’t.

Theoretically I can parse log file and make checks every 5 minutes for certain keywords, but it could be cool if I can just overview what’s being shared.

Ok, then let’s keep it in the feature requests. If you need this option urgently and you have a business, you might want to consider the enterprise subscriptions in order to provide more resources for this problem. Or use bountysource to support only one specific feature (you need to create an issue on github first, and then you can support it here:

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