Audit and Forensic Logs

Hello everyone! I am a new user of NextCloud on-premise and the product has been proving to be very stable and reliable.

I did a search on audit information and logging level, but I did not find the information I need.

I’ve already evaluated the Apache and NextCloud logs, and none of them have the level of detail I need.

I would like to know if there is any log with details level that can bring username (my nextcloud is integrated with AD), date and time of access, detailed information like uploading files, downloading, editing and other information for audit purposes and forensic searches.

Thank you

I don’t know about AD information in the Nextcloud logs, but what you want is detailed here:
Set the log level to 1 and you get the information you are after.

You could also make use of my “Splunk App for Nextcloud” which provides out-of-the-box dashboards for the type of information you are after. See more here: