Audio Player vs Music, help choosing

After 7 years I cancelled iTunes Match. I’m losing access in a couple of days.

I’m downloading what’s left from all Apple deleted from my library on a new iTunes Library on a mounted network share, the server has a recycling bin and it is mounted as well on Nextcloud, so as soon as it’s done I’ll use iTunes deal with the duplicated and whatnot then close it forever, hopefully, and rely on my own. I had never dealt with file loss until I laziness got me sucked in into the iCloud ecosystem. :confused:

I found a couple of WebDAV-compatible music jukebox-type apps, I’ve been using since forever Infuse Pro for video. I found awesome apps on Linux without even trying, in Fedora/GNOME; Windows natively mounts WebDAV shares and macOS should do too but, today’s Apple… :sleepy:

All I’m missing is a web app that I can use from anywhere where installing things is not allowed. I was already going the server route setting up a new server from like a dozen I found and I came to my Nextcloud instance to get some code I keep in the notes when I saw the two apps already installed, I can’t use them yet to avoid problems with the sync I got in the backend server. So, could you recommend one over the other? I want to share my instance with my family and I need to keep it as simple as possible; they stress out when they have more than one way to do stuff and in turn stress me out.

One of them does SONOS, which I don’t have but it makes it seem well-integrated, the other looks more polished, negating the effect from the former. One appears to have some sort of built in server, but the other does mention choking up with large file counts… I’m not familiar with web apps, I’ve largely avoided them until I found out about Nextcloud so I have no idea what to look for.

I’d love to have your opinion/advice on this, what do you use, why. Thanks!

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they are different in features

  • Music is simpler and easier in the frontend (less options) and has an Ampache backend
  • AP has more flexibility (categories & playlists) and has a SONOS backend
  • AP supports more formats + webstreams + local playlists (m3u)
  • AP Android native app is in dev by a volunteer

so just give them a try. Its a matter of requirements…

I developed AP originally just for my kids by sharing the itunes library, so everyone can just have their own + common albums

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by the way: both apps were modified so it should be possible to run them in parallel for testing…