Audio player(s) ignore most of the audio files

I recently added a few more albums to my nextcloud library but they get ignored by the inbuilt player (Music) but others like Audio Player don’t react either. The file format of the missing ones is .wma, which is the same for others that do show up in the list. On the other hand, the data occurs in the Files browser, where I can download and play it offline with my machine’s lokal media player

How to fix this?

What I tried so far:

  • cleared the music library
  • rearranged the search directory
  • The apps are on the most recent version (via ncp update tools)
  • For verification I once set the path directly to one of the missing albums, after rescan I get the error prompt “No music found, Upload music in the files app to listen to it here”

Hello ,

wma is not like mp3. There is a loseless variant which most browsers are unable to play.
For reference

Can you please share a file which is not working for you?
I can try testing it.

After same result you can file an issue at Issues · Rello/audioplayer · GitHub


Thanks @rakekniven it took some time but I figured out VLC has a nice converting feature, once they where put as .mp3 they show up in the nextcloud interface. Would be a nice to have if you get noted that certain files were found but ignored. Anyways it’s working!

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