Audio-Player rescan directorys

on a basic nextcloud installation is a Audio-Player
how to motivate audio-player to rescan some directorys to show more Album?
will it also scan some remote (FreeNAS share) which are connected as "Externer Speicher?

and how to play music and still be able to navigate in the file and read some pdf files?

have a nice day

Thanks to move it to the right place!

sorry. I did not read this request earlier…

Audio Player will scan all your user folder recursively - unless you define a dedicated folder or exclude some folders

AP will also index external storage - everything which you can see in the files app will also be visible to AP.

This is possible as long as you work within the files app. start the playback with a click on an audiofile and it will play. when you navigate the folders and open pdfs with the inline player, it will continue.
…all the way until you restart the files app or any other reload of the whole app…

As Rello said, background play is not supported by Audioplayer. I recommend opening a new tab in your browser exclusively for Audioplayer. This will enable you to do everything else within a second tab with the Files app or anything else and your music continues playing even if you reload it.

naja. as said, as long as you don´t leave the files app, the playback triggered from the file list will keep going.
I tried it - it even works when opening and reading a pdf document