Attempting to update docker instance from nc23 to nc28

Am I understanding this clear? In my instance, I tried to update my docker-nextcloud instance from NC23 to NC28 and got the “can’t jump versions” output. I went into my docker-compose file and changed the image to Nextcloud-24. Nginx now won’t load the webpage. According to your post, you changed the php file in /var/www/html.
My /var/www/html files appear to the right of the colon, corresponding to /srv/nextcloud/www
like this:

did you delete the /srv/nextcloud/www? Or did you somehow get into the Docker container and delete the /var/www/html?

I am still learning the ropes with Docker and hit a wall. I’m wondering how you rolled back the php to an earlier version, since i’m hoping that’ll help my case.

Moved to a new, linked topic. Good luck!