Asustor NextCloud where to put client


I’m an absolute newbie to NextCloud, and also extremely old, and seek the help of this wise forum.

I have an Asustor AS-302T NAS server and a Linux desktop.

The Asustor has a NextCloud app in it’s downloadable repository.

So, here’s the question:

Do I install the app on the Asustor server and access it remotely, or do I install NextCloud on the desktop and use that to access the server, or both?

Appreciate any help, thanks.


You have the Nextcloud server (which can be an app on your NAS), on the server you don’t need to run a NC client. On your Linux desktop you can either use Nextcloud as webdav network storage directly or use the sync client to sync a local folder with NC.

Many thanks for that.

I’ll go ahead and install the app on the server.

I didn’t want to end up in a situation where I lost everything!

Therefore please test first if the software works like it should. Also do backups!