Assisted file upload via check list form


I want to use my NC with clients to get files from them. In some cases I need certain documents/files from them. So I want to share a form containing a list, so they can upload these corresponding files into the shared NC directory and mark these files as uploaded in this form.

E.g. clients want to buy a house and need to get a loan from me. So I need certain files: proofs of salary, expose, land register extract etc. which they should upload.

Usually clients don’t have all needed files at hand, so they should be able to keep track what they have uploaded and which files are still missing!

Therefore I imagine a form with some entries (proofs of salary etc., each one in a new line) and a marker/checkbox (file is still missing or already uploaded) and a direct link to that file (view/download/replace/delete). Also a bulk function would be great (delete/download)…

How to do that? I haven’t found a solution yet (nor google, nor this forum), but perhaps I’m only confused or blind…

I really appreciate your support!!!

Best regards