Assistance with integrating Discourse with a NextCloud 16 installation?

I’ve found a couple of message threads here briefly mentioning Discourse forum software and the SSO plug-in for NextCloud that’s designed to work with it. But what I haven’t found are any details of how this integration would properly be set up?

I run a FreeNAS server (v11.2-U5) with NextCloud 16 running in an iocage jail on it. This runs from my home, over a residential Comcast broadband cable modem connection, so I only have one IP address to the outside world. I use Dynamic DNS for a hostname that can always locate it.

What I had hoped to do was install Discourse on a virtual machine on FreeNAS running Ubuntu Linux server 16.04 - and then link the two together “seamlessly”, so my NextCloud users could just click a “Message forums” button along the top menu bar and get automatically signed in to the Discourse forums with their NextCloud username/email address/password. Then, I assume Discourse would be able to run “embedded” so it would appear to be part of NextCloud itself, and they could still click the top menu bar to go back out to it, to something like the Files section?

I got as far as getting Discourse to run properly, but due to having only the one IP address from Comcast - had to configure it to listen on only port 80, while my NextCloud only listens on secure port 443. (My router has port forwarding configured to send traffic to the appropriate server IP addresses depending on which port is used.)

As soon as I installed the Discourse SSO plug-in, tried to configure it in NextCloud, and tried to enable SSO on the Discourse side? That broke communications with Discourse completely. Can’t sign into it at all now, and will have to do some command line “voodoo” to get control back so I can tinker with it further.

I feel like I’m over my head a bit here, but can’t afford the “easy solution” of of paying to cloud host Discourse. Plus, this server has plenty of CPU, RAM and disk space to run it locally.

Any info or suggestions here would be great! (I’m kind of bummed that Discourse refuses to run on non-standard web ports. I had hoped to just configure it to listen on port 8888 or something and keep port 80 web traffic redirecting to 443 SSL automatically on NextCloud.)

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