Assigning IP after migration on Vmware

Hi there,
Wonder if you can help. I have migrated my nextcloud to datacentre by exporting OVF on VMware Vcentre aswell as imorted in new location. After import network environment is slightly different and all the IPs are static as previously they were all assigned via DHCP reservations. After login as ncadmin on console all IPs are blank.
Wonder where I can add the IP details or if there is any script that can be used in nextcloud. As of script I am refering to the initial ones at the step of installation. Currently after logging into the console and elevating myself to root (sudo - i) I can change things but… I’d love to know where I can change all relevant settings after changing internal IP?

Planned static IP is /24

Initial setup:
IP was assigned via DHCP

After migration:
Static IP

Tried adding static IP address on /etc/network/interfaces/(interface it is on) - no results, it does not use those settings.

Thank you in advance. Help is much appreciated.