%assets_url% keeps changing to %25asset_url%25 :(

Hi all,

did anyone experienced this issue on md files on picoCMS app for nextcloud ?
When editing .md files, when I try to reference a image on my assets folder with %assets_url% the image shows ok.

Although if I need to change the md file (text or whatever) after closing the file the image is broken because it changed %assets_url% to %25assets_url%25 :frowning:

Probably it could be related to nextcloud and not picoCMS app ?
Thanks for your attention reading this

This has not happened to me. I use an external text editor on files synced with the desktop client as the Text-app does not work with PicoCMS md-files. The updated Plain-text editor works but I have not tried it yet. Which editor did you use? I think it has to do with that.

Thank you very much for your response and time reading my message. I’m using the nextcloud default editor to edit the index.md file on the contents folder using the syntax:

! [alt text image] (%assets_url%/image.png )

image.png is a image located on the assets folder.
This works on the firts time, the image is well displayed through picoCMS on the web brower.
But when I edit the file again just to add a small text and save it the image is broken.
Then I realised that % is substituted by %25 :frowning:
If I write again % instead of %25 the image is displayed OK again.

Hope it claryfies