Are there any Nextcloud APIs with similar functionality to Google Sheets API?

I have been using Nextcloud now for a couple months, and the experience is going well so far.

I have some scrips / utilities that update Google Sheets via API calls and I’m wondering if there is anything similar in the Nextcloud ecosystem … possibly as part of the Collabora integration? Considering the interface to documents in Nextcloud Office seems to act a lot like a remote desktop, I’m somewhat pessimistic, but I thought I’d ask.

Thanks in advance!

Nextcloud uses WebDAV, so in truth you could just mount a specific folder on your remote client, which adds directly to the file.

Hmm. I’m sure I could do something with that, but the sheets API lets several processes access (and even write) cells in the same spreadsheet simultaneously. I’m guessing this kind of access (to just parts of the file) will remain a Google-only thing for quite some time.

No. There is an API, but so far it is meant for how 99% of all MS and Google customers, aswell as nearly all NC, users uses the services. You can connect Libreoffice or OnlyOffice client apps to your nextcloud, and edit them “locally”, saving it on the fly, using the NC interface, hence the API. You can also edit a file locally, and then save it directly after edit. However as this interface (how that is done) might be available and can be used to achieve excactly what you asks for, it is not outright documented. Instead you will have to look in app Git pages or Libreoffice sourcecode or documentation. Sorry.

Does or will the “Tables” app have this kind of functionality?