Are there any Mac OS X users succeeded in synchronizing Apple Calendar and/or Contacts?


This is my first post on this community and first of all I’m very surprised that there is not a ‘category’ called “Mac OS X” from which to choose from.

I’m also very disappointed about the very limited and incomplete manuals/set-up guides for Apple Mac OS X and Apple iOS users. I (nearly) get the impression that the majority of the Nextcloud users most likely are Linux-adepts and not using any common ‘commercial/proprietary’ Operating Systems like Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

But that all aside :roll_eyes as here’s my real problem:
I’ve read all kind of previous topics here about synchronizing Apple Calendar with the Nextcloud Calendar, but found no answer which provide me a clear solution what to do in order to get this work.

For your information: I’m currently still using Mac OS X 10.13.6 and thinking of upgrading to Mojave (Mac OS X 10.14)

I’ve used the following setting in my Apple System Preferences when creating a new CalDAV-account for the Nextcloud implementation our company is using:
Server :
Username : my username
Password : my password
Description : my company’s Nextcloud
SSL : On AND Off (neither worked)
Port : 0
Account_URL as well as

result(s) when checking the CalDAV accoun on my Mac were: “Calendar Account - Check CalDAV account failed”.

I have technical colleagues who have deep understanding of Linux and all kind of Cybersecurity solutions, but so far they can’t crack this Mac-user problem.

Can any one please help me, because I simply refuse to believe that there are no Mac users who are (have to) work(ing) with Nextcloud as file share and communication platform.

Thanks in advance for helping me out!

Kind regards,

Make sure service discovery is working:

Then go ahead adding an account like described here:

That works for me very reliable.

Thanks for your answer. I’ll forward this to our administrator since this is way too technical for me. I’m using Mac OS since 1988 and the main reason for this is because it hides more or less the technical complexity for the user. That is still exactly the reason to choose for Mac OS X.

As soon as I’ve disused this with our Nextcloud administrator I’ll let you know whether this worked for me.

I think it would be great that the connection/integration/synchronization issues with Mac OS X and iOS devices should be solved in the core of Nextcloud since approximately 10% of the PC users are Mac users and therefore syncing with these devices just should be easy and seamless.

If you can help me to guide me to the development team of Nextcloud, I’d really would like to emphasize this.

Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards,

This is exactly the case, if Nextcloud is set up as recommended in the documentation. Setting up Mac OS or iOS devices for synchronisation is really easy:

Might be the case for the server OS and they probably prefer non-proprietary systems, but still these systems are used by many here on their desktop.

There is a repository for the documentation where you can suggest improvements. It’s important to have feedback from real users and their remarks often lead to important improvements.

Like @Bernie_O mentionned, it’s probably something with service discovery which must be set up by the admin.