Are one time support request a thing?

Not sure where to ask this. I am not an enterprise, I don’t have hundreds or even tens of users. It is just me, my wife and a few DnD buddies. But I am having a heck of a time with a share issue on my windows domain.

I tried to hit Reddit:

And created a forum post here:

But either I am really bad at describing my problem (what I am thinking) or it is just plain a tough one that is not easy to help.

Either way, I am not getting anywhere and I cant figure it out. Does Nextcloud offer a one time support method? Something like an “Installation review” like I saw in the enterprise support agreements?

If not, does anyone have a suggestion on how I can get better results from the forums?


Okay so, a couple things that jump out to me. First you have a discrepancy between the user you believe is logged in and the user the server says is accessing the share. I would re-authenticate the external storages and make sure you’re signed in with the right user. You could also enable file access auditing on the file server to find out who is being denied access to what on that side.

Secondly I notice that the two shares you say he can’t access are the ones set to save credentials in the session. There are some important drawbacks to using this method. If you change this to saved in database, does it make any difference?

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