Archiving solution


I’m looking into creative ways to mark an folder or file to be marked for long term archiving. Is somebody looking or using already any method or ways to enable long term archiving with nextcloud. Preferred I was thinking myself about something to tag a file or directory as ‘archiving’ or ‘archive’ and then it would be listed into an ‘user’ like ‘archive’ that would then see it in his file overview in a certain directory structure so he could copy or enable it then for long term archiving.

Is somebody having a good solution for this or could it be thought about for the future?
With archiving I mean as well a way to take files in at least 3 copies out of the 'nextcloud’server that I’m running.

thanks, JK


I am thinking about the same. Something like you have for mail apps. Tag the file or folder ar archiv and nextcloud will set file to read only, delete versioning move the folder/file away into a user archiv where you can navigate throught it.

agree and for archiving you need also metadata. in feature list there is “file metadata”. but in user documentation I can’t find a word about metadata. is there possibility to add and edit metadata according chosen scheme or not? except file level there should be folder level metadata which files and subfolders would inherit.