“archive” folder from paperless-ngx on nextcloud davfs share


I’ve been trying to connect paperless-ngx with nextcloud all day today. My goal would be for the files in the paperless-ngx “archive” folder to appear in the nextcloud.

My idea was to mount a nextcloud folder on paperless-ngx via davfs. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me. The files are not written.

Paperless runs under the user paperless. This can also write to the folder mounted via davfs.

In the docker-compose.yml I have:



In /etc/fstab I have

nextcloudrechner.lokal/remote.php/dav/files/meinuser /srv/paperless/media/documents/archive/nextcloudrechner davfs user,rw,noauto 0 0

Does anyone have a tip on how I can get paperless-ngx to write the “archive” folder directly to the nextcloud?

Thank you!