Arbitrary Domains?

With the other “Mail” app available on NextCloud, you’re able to add a mail account and then configure its settings (manually, if necessary), allowing you to use the “mail” app with whatever domain name you please.

But, installing the RainLoop app on NextCloud 13, I’m not given the option to setup a mail account. Rather it presents a login screen immediately and then attempting to enter an arbitrary email address, it complains that “domain is not allowed”.

So I’ve entered the admin panel for RainLoop - changing the password from the default - and can see that there’s a “domains” section.

This is horridly impractical - read “unusable” - if I’m expected to use the admin panel to add all the domains and settings for each and every possible domain.

We have business users on our cloud and we also offer them other services such as domain registration and website hosting. This tends to mean that every single business customer has their own custom domain name - so if settings are dealt with on a per-domain basis, then this is going to get extremely silly fast.

This also practically excludes allowing users to simply use the webmail app for other arbitrary email accounts they might have with whatever email provider. Unless I’m expected to compile a big list of all possible email providers that exist worldwide, on the off-chance - but, umm, where’s any advantage in having that?

Is there any possible way to all users to add their own email accounts - like the other “mail” app does it - instead of this strange way of doing things?

As far as I know rainloop is an independent project. Someone does a nextcloud package on his free time. So what you want is most likely possible. Just has to be done…

Where would I look / who would I talk to?

Googling on this is bringing up nothing particularly useful, as all instructions talk about setting the “domains” in the admin panel, but my issue is that this whole way of doing things - via domain settings - just isn’t practical when, as I say, most of our customers will be using their own custom domain names.

Apparently if you want to leave this open to any domain the list should be empty.

So you should just change the presets in the plugin for the list to be empty I guess.


Okay, that’s not quite right, because that’s for allowing any account within a particular domain name, rather than any domain name. Not quite the same thing.

But I was able, through that forum, to discover a post that linked to some third-party installation instructions that gave an example configuration for at least the arbitrary domain names that we ourselves host.

The trick was to set the domain name to a wildcard - “*” - and then use “localhost” for the server.

I did previously try using the domain name of our mail server but this didn’t work - even though I’m definitely sure that our DNS servers resolve such names correctly both internally and externally - but the alias of “localhost” does work. I’ll have to investigate that one further, should we shift our web and mail servers to different servers in future, but this will do for now.

I’d also like it so that users could also use arbitrary emails that we don’t host too. But, for the time being, this solves my main problem of custom domain names, and I can add the main hosting providers - gmail, hotmail, etc. - which’ll cover 99% of cases anyway.