Appstore is dead - how to publish an app?


to me it seems that the OC appstore is dead.
I frequently tried to register an account - but never receive the activation.

I am finished with the new Audio Player - but without appstore its hard to provide a convenient installation.
Is there anyone left at OC - or are all people now with NC and their accounts locked?

Would be nice if the NC appstore were just a URL in the config file. As in: anybody can provide an app store, as long as it speaks the protocol that is expected. (And that protocol could be very simple as long as the app store doesn’t actually “sell”/license stuff.)

Does this make any sense?


…which does not solve the current issue to reach the majority of users :frowning:

Since you are wanting to publish it in the OC store, I assume you want to support OC too.

If you really can’t register you should open an issue at .

Actually, on 9, you don’t have a choice, the store is used by both projects.

Definitely the best course of action :slight_smile:

Problem solved with the help of the OC team.
there was a mailserver issue…