Appstore credential issue


I am loggin in with my github account.
when I want to upload an app (or also generate a token) i get the following message and can not continue:
{"detail":"Authentication credentials were not provided."}

any suggestion?

Works for me (at least on the web interface). Are you using curl? What request do you make?

Webformi am locken on;
Then upload app
Paste the git-url to the tar.gz
Then the issue;

I think it might be related to the git-connection?
Nextcloud is shown in the account as authorized

deleting the account and recreating does not work.
I think the store-admins need to check the account itself

Can’t see anything out of the ordinary. Upload works in the following way: when you hit upload, your session cookie is used to retrieve your token. Then the token is used to call our upload api.

Can you debug the network tab and check which request errors? The token retrieve or app upload request? Also please lets move this discussion to github :wink:

seems to be Safari-related.
FF48 works

Safari 9 is the issue