Apps store menu missing (admin account)

Hi, all of a sudden the left side bar apps menu is missing, no categories, no apps, only these I have previously installed. No more categories and option to install other apps.

21.0.4 on shared server, Ubuntu

As you can see below:

Anybody got any idea?

Same issue for me nextcloud version 21.0.5. no apps store only installed active and inactive apps shows up.

I even get an update option to the same version 21.0.5 when clicking open updater I get:

  • Initializing

Current version is 21.0.5.

And it stops there.

Can you find any logs?

Perhaps it is a Lets Encrypt problem and your webserver / nextcloud can not access . Problem from end of september / start october .

Certificate has expired for apps.nextcloud and - #2 by mritzmann

Now it’s fine, I can see all apps categories on the left. With no work from my side. Looks like something has been fixed.

Had to remove DST_Root_CA_X3.pem
I updated ca-bundle first but that did not change anything.
But after removing DST_Root_CA_X3.pem app store shows up.

Update is still stuck though with same message:

  • Initializing

Current version is 21.0.5.

Hi Pollax,

Go to data/
find a folder with updater-blahblah in the name, and delete from inside the file .step

Try update again going to Settings page.
If no success, remove again .step file, and again try hitting Update button on Update page.

After awhile it kicks off.