Apps Missing from Nextcloud 21 Docker

Hello, I recently updated my dockerized Nextcloud to 21 and removed the old files. Nextcloud setup asked me to install some apps like talk and I checked it… but the thing is none of the apps downloaded neither can I manually download them in Nextcloud 21 but it does not occur in Nextcloud 20, and also there are no apps available to install now :frowning:

Logs also don’t show anything

I don’t see such issue on my installation… apps can be downloaded/installed and removed. I run image: nextcloud:21.0

Besides I see

My app gallery is empty and no apps can be installed

please provide more data regarding your setup and nextcloud logs which are essential for troubleshooting.

sorry for not providing more info on this issue but I have fixed it now, it seemed like a dns config issue for docker that I fixed by adding a secondary dns resolver.

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