Apps missing from App Store


I have the latest version of NextCloud running in my webspace (hoster is all inkl) and when I open the apps section I see almost all apps, but not all. Specifically I’m missing gpoddersync ( I checked the log file but that does not contain any info/errors related to apps. Any help would be appreciated!

@Froghut hey and welcome to userforum of NC.

Pls search the forum for answers to your question… Best would be if you’d do that BEFORE filing a new thread.

I did not mention it explicitly, but I searched quite a lot, both here in the forum, as well as on google, but did not find any solution to my specific problem, i.e. some apps missing, not all apps missing.

well you might ask your hoster about that problem… I dunno how they included NC in to their system…

btw. How would we know on here if you did that search of not if you won’t mention it?

i might be allowed to link to a german thread about all-inkl. surely interesting to read for you (if you don’t speak german, use an online translator)

I’m running into the exact same scenario where specifically gpoddersync is not found through the apps UI. My Nextcloud instance is hosted on a VPS and this is the first time I’ve noticed this kind of behaviour.

After quite a bit of debugging & research the reason seems to be my VPS still running PHP 7.3 and gpoddersync apparently requiring PHP 7.4+. While this makes sense, the fact that it’s nowhere indicated in UI and the only way to find this out seems to be checking appinfo/info.xml on Github does not.

IMO these kind of dependency issues should be pointed out in the admin apps UI while still displaying search results, but at least on the app store’s webpage. This closed Github issue seems to suggest that it was part of the admin UI at some point.

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