apps/Files & \OC::$server->getSearch()->registerProvider

I am working on a Full Text Search app that use Apache Solr and I’d like to launch the search while in the Files app, using the searchbox. I started to try to do something using JS/css to add my own result to the current/simple search, but I ended up using

\OC::$server->getSearch()->registerProvider('MyReallyOwnProvider', array(
            'apps' => array(

So now I have other issues. First, my result are shown below a line saying Searching other places. but then (worst than that) if the original search (the one that only look at filenames) returns valid results from the query, my own results are not clickable, it looks like an HTML element is over my list and catch my mouse events. That element is hidden when no more result are returned from the simple search and only my engine have proper results.

Is there an other way to add results to the original search provider from the Files app ?

Help !

Unfortunately I don’t know how to do it, but nevertheless:
Nice Idea to have a new project for fulltext search! Could you share a link of the github project?

Well, you’re the one who made me want to starting this project; when I saw your ocr on github :slight_smile:

Note that it is an early alpha, so not a lot of documentation on the setup and not a lot of features (yet)

You can also try it on (with 2 pre-made accounts: test1/test and test2/test)

I am perplexed :smiley: and really like the idea to search in txt and pdf files that have been ocr processed before. It would make it a lot cooler than before!
Currently I try to get the next release of ocr ready. It will require php-gearman and gearman server, but it will give you the possibility to process mutliple files in a job chain. :slight_smile:

I am pretty eager about your project! Keep the work on :wink:

Still alpha, but more features and less bugs.

Nextant does extract/search pdf file now, and you can scan your current files using ./occ nextant:scan
Next step is a better interface for the administration part so you can test the current configuration of your Solr.