Approval app: The reaction time of the Approve button is too long or you have to click 2 to 3 times

We have a really annoying problem with the response time of the Approve button for quite some time.

The response time is very long. We have to press the button several times until we get the message that the file has been submitted for approval. This can take several seconds and causes irritation for some users. Either they press the button only once and the process is not started properly or the button is clicked at least twice and the process is started after a few seconds. For this reason, incorrect operation of the workflows occurs from time to time.

These are chained workflows. After the process has been started once, they generally work correctly.

We have this behaviour reviewed in the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.
It is probably a bug that has existed for several Approval versions.
Of course, it may also be due to the server configuration or Nextcloud version 22.
Maybe someone knows more…

Can anyone else confirm this here in the forum or am I once again the only one who has this problem?? :sweat_smile:

If this problem affects other users, please confirm this on Github.
I have created a bug report for this: The reaction time of the Approve button is too long or you have to click 2 to 3 times · Issue #33 · nextcloud/approval · GitHub

Current setting of our NC instance

Nextcloud: 22.2.6
PhP-Version, 7.3.16
mysql-Version: 10.4.12

Approval-App-Version: 1.0.10

Thanks for the hints and cooperation :handshake:
Cheers Frank

Have you done any optimization of the database caches? Like this, it could be that the database interaction takes a long time. If you log slow queries, and/or check the processes when you do such an approval could give you a hint.
Unless you have other more obvious errors in your logfile already.

No, we have not optimised the database ourselves. I will contact our hoster about this. At the moment, however, an upgrade to NC24 is still pending. I will wait for this. Thank you for the advice.

Apparently this problem does not occur with other NC users, otherwise someone would have posted about it until now. So it seems to have something to do with the configuration of our server.

For NC24, they have announced some improvements regarding the database load. However, the idea with the database was just an idea.

:slightly_smiling_face: Yes - I had understood it that way too. But I should check it in any case…especially if it doesn’t affect other users…until now…