Apprise - Push Notifications for all major services, including Nextcloud and Talk

Apprise allows you to send a notification to almost all of the most popular notification services available to us today such as: Telegram, Discord, Slack, Amazon SNS, Gotify, etc.

One notification library to rule them all.
A common and intuitive notification syntax.
Supports the handling of images and attachments (to the notification services that will accept them).
It's incredibly lightweight.
Amazing response times because all messages sent asynchronously.

Developers who wish to provide a notification service no longer need to research each and every one out there. They no longer need to try to adapt to the new ones that comeout thereafter. They just need to include this one library and then they can immediately gain access to almost all of the notifications services available to us today.

System Administrators and DevOps who wish to send a notification now no longer need to find the right tool for the job. Everything is already wrapped and supported within the apprise command line tool (CLI) that ships with this product.

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