Appointments not displayed in the iframe

When embedding appointments on the website, the iframe is not displayed because my Nextcloud is running on a different domain.

Error message:
Firefox is not allowed to open this embedded page

Since I use a hosted Nextcloud, I can’t change the configuration of the Nextcloud itself.

But since the integration works for calendars the question arises, why not for the Appointments app?

Calendar integration
Appointments integration

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I have the same problem as you. I posted my request on this forum.

I made arrangements with my hosting service who fulfilled the orders.
You have to execute the two occ commands of chapter 10.

The first with the nextcloud ID and the domain name.

The second for the redirection of confirmation / cancellation emails, with the URL of the page where the form is

Then integrate the Iframe correctly with a small PHP code which retrieves a piece of the generated link, as indicated in the help Appointment.

Anyway now it works.

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Hi Berni-MD,

i know, this post is older than a year, but maybe this helps you too. I saw on your website, that the problem persists.

Check out this video (in german). You’ll find the answer from the 6th minute on.

Or short:

Edit the file nextcloud/lib/public/AppFramework/Http/ContentSecurityPolicy.php.

Find the line contains allowedFrameAncestors. Normally, there is only one next line with '\'self\'',. Under this line, add a new line with the domain name of your website. For example: '',.
Save and close the file. Reload the site, contains your NC Appointment Form and feel happy.

If you can’t edit the Nextcloud configuration file, may you can ask the responsible administrator to do that for you.


HTH, tuxnet.

Thanks, that works, but how to set it up update safe? When Nextcloud is updated, this file will certainly be replaced.